uploads caught up, info on video #44

Sean Barrett  —  6 months, 3 weeks ago
Major news: I uploaded all of the videos from #34 to Friday's #44, so now they're all caught up. (They had been blocked on me editing together #34 from lots of little pieces, but I gave up on editing them and just concatenated them).

Information about last stream: for #44, apropos the previous post, started working on figuring out how to make non-picker machines animate.

After I made the pickers use ariticulated arms and watched them moving around, I realized I didn't want machines to just be solid, unmoving blocks. There's some joy to seeing this big machine with lots of moving parts, and I decided I want more moving parts than just the pickers, so I need the machines to animate.

I wrote a new shader, like the picker shader but with more variables, and included the option to have rotating parts. I'm still not sure how they'll look--they should be closed machines with visible moving parts.

I also added the facility to tag parts as using faceted lighting--they compute the surface normal in the pixel shader. I tested it with running 20,000-80,200 machines each of which had a couple of fairly high detail gears, maybe 250 vertices per machine. So this should be able to scale out pretty well.
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